My teen novel, The Rose, is now available in paperback at two of Roseville, Ca, public libraries (Martha Riley and Maidu).  If you live in the area, support your local library.




12065781301077508167wipp_Aussersihl_-_Coat_of_arms.svg.thumb-1MERGER OF CREATE SPACE AND BOOKSURGE

Create Space and BooksSurge, separate entities of Amazon are in the process of merging.  Since BookSurge produces hardback books, the merger will provide writers who want to self publish the ease of one stop creation of their work.


Join the 84 readers who have signed up for the paperback book giveaway on Goodreads.  The contest ends 1 September.  Good Luck.


12065781301077508167wipp_Aussersihl_-_Coat_of_arms.svg.thumb-1Book Giveaway (The Rose) on Goodreads

Two autographed copies of the The Rose paperback will be given away on  You have until I September to sign up for this event, but don’t procrastinate.  Sign up  today before you forget.

12065781301077508167wipp_Aussersihl_-_Coat_of_arms.svg.thumb-1You may have noticed a lack of activity here at the Spotty Dog Press lately.  My wife had a kidney transplant a little over a week ago.  She’s at home and is doing well, but I haven’t had much time for writing, research and blogging.  I’ll resume activities as soon as I’m able to.  My proof for the The Rose paperback is currently being reviewed at Create Space.  I hope this will be the last round for that and I’ll have it published soon.

I have sent off a request for proofs of the paperback for THE ROSE today.  It will still be several days before I have it online for sale at Amazon and other markets such as Barnes and Noble.  Am anxiously awaiting the end of the publishing nightmare when I can devote more time to writing.


12065781301077508167wipp_Aussersihl_-_Coat_of_arms.svg.thumb-1My breakthrough novel, THE ROSE, is now available at


12065781301077508167wipp_Aussersihl_-_Coat_of_arms.svg.thumb-1Well, so much for the 1st annual Blog Blitz.  My end of it arrived with no-shows from two continents.  My apologies to those of you who visited today.  I’ve been fighting a tough battle with Amazon’s Create Space and am afraid I’m on the losing end of it.  Still trying to get the paperback of THE ROSE published.  More success on the Kindle side, though.  I’ve downloaded what I believe will be the last of the updates on the eBook.  I’m afraid I’m not a computer geek, though wish I were.  The best license plate frame I’ve ever seen was on a beautiful red Ferrari sports job down in San Jose.  It said:  Revenge of the Nerds.


12065781301077508167wipp_Aussersihl_-_Coat_of_arms.svg.thumb-1FIRST ANNUAL ALL AUTHORS’ BLOG BLITZ

Make a note to tune in Saturday, June 15.  I will have a guest author visit’s  Home page on that date.  Rae Sanders, co-wrote  Final sale (A Bittersweet Hollow Mystery) with Annie Irvin.

Having a really good day?  Want to take the edge off all that happiness?  Try publishing on Amazon.  They leave a little bit of information here.  Hide a little bit there.  And, I believe, ignore the rest completely.  My wife fought her way through the process of getting her book cover accepted for download first.  Then between us, we got the rest of the book downloaded.  Believe it or not, although not perfect, the downloads for IPad, and IPhone and only the older Kindle e-reader came through with minor issues.  All of the newer Kindle devices justified completely on the left with no separation of paragraphs.  I use a Mac, so maybe that’s part of the problem.  After searching inside, outside, and upside down to find an editing option to make the necessary changes, I finally found a “HELP” desk to possibly get an answer.  They’ll get back to me, maybe in 24 hours.  I guess it beats waving cardboard advertising signs on street corners, but I bet those guys get paid more.  Toodles.

12065781301077508167wipp_Aussersihl_-_Coat_of_arms.svg.thumbOops!  My apologies to my wonderful editor–I misspelled her name on the post showing the planned cover for my Lady Katherine novel.  It is CINDY   VALLAR not ER.  I knew that, of course, sometimes when the fingers do the talking, the brain shuts down.  This is a great illustration of why writers need editors.  I’m still blushing, Cindy.


The Lady Katherine novel I’ve been publishing here is finally back from the editor.   I intend to leave the posts available on this site until May 5th.  On that date, I will delete them.  As soon as I’ve finished  reworking the story with the editor’s suggestions, I intend to self publish it through Amazon, both ebook and paperback, and probably Smashwords.  On publication it will be titled The Rose:  A Lady Katherine novel.  I appreciate all of you who have followed, and still are following, Lady Katherine, and assure you there will be enough changes for you to enjoy the published book.

12065781301077508167wipp_Aussersihl_-_Coat_of_arms.svg.thumbCAPTAIN KATE

After several months of a major rewrite of Captain Kate, post edit by an outside editor, I’ve finally put the last period on it.  Hallelujah!  But wait!  I now have to go back through and re-edit the post edit rewrite.  Will there ever be an end to it?  I’m also working on the rewritten manuscript with my critique group at HH in WVU, and that will probably take a few more months to complete.

When Captain Kate is finally ready, I’ll shop it around to agents and editors until after I’ve self published Lady Katherine and at least a second Lady Katherine.  They will contain spoilers for the Captain Kate series since Kate is the 16-year-old Lady Katherine.  Got all that?  I hope so, ‘cause I’m confused.

Fair winds and following seas.
12065781301077508167wipp_Aussersihl_-_Coat_of_arms.svg.thumbLADY KATHERINE

After Basil finishes his snack, he will wing Eastward to my editor with the transcript of Lady Katherine.  Yes, something this important can only be delivered by air.  Should the little Lady be transferred overland, she might be easily waylaid.  By sea would be quite slow.  And through the ethernet?  Egad! the poor dear could be hacked.  That leaves me no other choice, then, but Basil.

When Lady Katherine is completed, after the edit, I intend to self publish her.  I’ll give you all a heads-up on that later.  After this, I envision at least two more in this series before I move on to Captain Kate–the 16-year-old Lady Katherine.

I need to put Captain Kate off for a while until I see how things work out in the Lady Katherine series.  It seems Lady Katherine is already exposing things about Kate’s past that I had never thought of before–things that can significantly change the future pirate queen’s background, therefore her future.

More updates will be coming, so stay tuned.



Alas, winter is finally upon us with temperatures in the 40’s and rain today.  Wednesday and today Linda and I decided to move inside for our challenging exercise regime.  Wednesday morning we drove over to the Galleria, a Regional Mall that sits here in Roseville, and the largest one in the Sacramento Area.  The mall looks great after its major restoration due to an arson fire back in late 2010.  Today we went in the afternoon.  Our first stop on Wednesday was Cinnabon, today we stopped off at Milo’s Grille for a Gyro; both required for that extra energy needed to traverse the two story mall.  After taking sustenance, we managed to slug our way around both floors.  Some naysayers out there might point out that such high calorie meals are counterproductive to our Olympic expenditure of energy.   I, however,  say that without those necessary, and I might add, delicious, meals, there would have been no need to torture ourselves – almost a mile from car to car.  Whew!  I almost broke out in a sweat.

Anyone with a story of equally challenging physical achievement is invited to post.

Dennis -The pooped pirate.


ARR! It be Talk Like A Pirate Day, today, mates.  All manner o’ pirate flags be flyin’ today, an pirates around the world’ll be party’n.  Mind ye if yer old enough ta drink the rum or man or woman enough ta drink the grog, there’ll be no poopin’ on the poop deck o’ Captain Kate’s ship.  She runs a tight ship, she does, an she’ll be unforgivin’ if’n ye sully up her belov’d West Wind–might even make ye kiss the gunner’s daughter, and that’d be a nasty way ta end yer day.  Pay yer reverence ta John and Mark, mates.  Party On!

Cap’n Big Al


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  1. “The pooped pirate” I love that. Fodder for a picture book? Love keeping up with you Dennis. Miss you much. Hope all is going well with your writing. I’m doing more revising right now.

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