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The author enjoys traveling, staying at bed and breakfasts, swimming, reading, and of course, family time.  She is deeply involved with the teen community and volunteers with Teen Reach adventure Camp.
Like Ms Prusia, fourteen-year old Darby is deeply involved.  Only her involvement is tied in with trying to keep her BFF, Keaton, out of trouble.  Not an easy thing to do. When Mitch, the class bully and Darby and Keaton’s long–time nemesis, gets her friend drunk, she sneaks out late at night and takes the family car to pick him up.  Darby’s effort to help him draws her community service from a judge for driving without a license after she has an accident on the way home.  Their longtime friendship weakens to the breaking point when Keaton starts hanging around with Mitch.
Darby’s community service requires her to help a new citizen of the small Midwestern town of Burke remodel an old manor into a bed and breakfast.  Her involvement with the project brings her in contact with Crazy Rainey, an eccentric woman who is the new owner of the manor, and Hallelujah, Rainey’s mouthy parrot.  She befriends Peyton, a girl her age and an outcast in the community, in spite of the cost to her own popularity.
Late Summer Monarch is a coming of age story.  A story of lost friendships, new insights, new friendships and growth.   It’s well written and spiced with humor. Although a young adult story by definition, it can be enjoyed by teens and adults alike.  I highly recommend it.

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