Don’t like fantasy because of the weird settings?  Think superheroes are too unbelievable to relate with?  Read M. G. Harmon’s WEARING THE CAPE and it might cause you to change your mind.
An unexplained Event occurred in the near past and caused every human on Earth to lose all senses for 3.2 seconds.  That Event like most fictional events caused mass deaths, but it also caused a change in many humans.  Those it changed would become Superhumans.  But they would only have a breakthrough and become Superhumans when they were challenged during a disaster or other period of extreme stress.
The first Superhuman reached his breakthrough during the Event, a baggage handler at O’Hare Airport named John Chandler.  He was filmed as he leaped into the sky and stopped a private plane from crashing into the tarmac.  He would become known as Atlas.
This is a first person tale of an eighteen-year-old girl, Hope Corrigan, whose breakthroughoccurs when an overpass is sabotaged while she drives under it.  Witnessed using her newfound superhuman strength by Atlas, she is encouraged by him to fly away from the disaster site, when it is under control, to the Sentinels’ Building.  Thus begins her adventures.
The Sentinels are a team of Superheroes who watch over present day Chicago with the primary responsibilities of emergency response and rescue.  They are also called upon to help the police in fighting crime, especially when Supervillains are involved.
Hope is given the Superhero name Astra.  She’s a teen from a wealthy family who looks forward to her first year of college when her life is thrown into turmoil by her breakthrough.  Her Mother is a party planner for the city’s wealthy and charities.  Her father is a professional architect and reserve Superhero.  Both are against her assuming the Superhero role.
Hope/Astra is teamed-up with Atlas to learn the ropes.  While helping put out fires, and dealing with other disasters, as well as catching bad guys and gals, she meets a large variety of superhumans who have many different skills.  And she becomes involved with the time-travelling Teatime Anarchist who is blamed for the disaster where she made her breakthrough, as well as others.
A love interest between Astra and Atlas develops but I won’t say how far it goes.  Suffice it to say that this is a young adult novel that is appropriate for both younger teens and older readers.
The characters of Wearing The Cape are fleshed out, and believable for the genre.  The locations are real-time Chicago, Los Angeles, and a few other places, not a fantasy world.

Don’t like fantasy?  I believe you will still love Wearing the Cape.  I did, and I highly recommend it.

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