Craig Halloran is a self-described family man, and a United States Air Force security police veteran who enjoys writing, working out, watching sports, and fishing.  He’s a graduate of West Virginia University.  He lives with his wife and son in Charleston West Virginia.
This 20,000-word novella is the first book in his The Chronicles of Dragon series.  Though his directed audience is Tweens and teens, the book does contain some violence, so I would recommend that parents preview it for younger readers.
The main protagonist is a 200-year-old dragon named Nath.  While the author doesn’t specify Nath’s age in human years, I would put it in the late teens to early twenties.  That’s important, you see, because in the fantasy world of Nalzambor, dragons must earn their scales before taking on the dragon form.  Prior to such a metamorphosis, they are human-like creatures.  This presents a particular problem for Nath.  His father is a dragon king, and the dragon prince likes to do things his own way, which has kept him thus far from developing any scales on his body.
His father sends him away from the home of dragons in the Mountain of Doom to prove himself.  Nath Dragon borrows his father’s magic sword that he calls Fang, and begins his quest with an old friend, a dwarf named Brenwar, to earn his scales.  His travels take him among the other populace of Nalzambor, man, orcs, elves, gnolls, lizard men, and ogres.  Dragon accessories, teeth, skin, scales, claws, and horns are highly prized by the wealthy.  Nath seeks out the sellers of those items, and becomes involved in fights to the death.   Although he always seems to come out on top in those brawls, scraped and bruised but breathing, and his intentions are good, our hero finds that earning his scales is a hard road to follow.
Nath Dragon’s adventures are a delightful romp through a well-developed fantasy world.  It is well written with well placed humor.  Suspension of belief is necessary to enjoy a fantasy, and I had no problem envisioning the dragon portrayed as a man.  Nor the world he would someday rule over, if he could just mature enough to settle down.

I highly recommend Nath Dragon and can’t wait to travel the road with him in future adventures.



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