american eagle with flagIt’s been a long time since the United States fought for it’s independence.  It’s strange how time changes our perspective on things.  The very nation that we fought against for our freedom is now one of our closest friends.  It’s my greatest hope that we will continue the friendship with England and all the nations that make up Great Britain into the far distant future.  Although Canada is no longer a part of the British Union, they also sit at the top of nations who we can actually call friends.  There are others who are more than fair weather friends and we embrace your resolve to stick by us in good times and bad.

The United States of America has had its share of bad times as an international leader.  Most of our own making.  Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan most recently.  We just can’t help but put our nose where it doesn’t belong.  Our national leaders tell us that those wars were done in the name of freedom, but we all know how well that has gone.  I’m not a radical.  I served my nation with 25 years in the air force.  I could not think of living anywhere else–except for Canada if it didn’t get so darn cold.  But we have a lot of room for improvement, and that can only be done at the ballot box when we choose our leaders in the future.  Lets all resolve to help build a better America, one that will help our own citizens as well as those of other nations.  Please note, that by help I do not mean provide them with weapons or human fodder of war.




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