She looks different already, doesn’t she?  More changes will soon to be made, and a change of name (spottydogpress.com) is in the works.  I intend to finish the Lady Katherine novel I started here and the next installment will be added this Friday.  When the change to spottydogpress is complete, you will also still be able to access it using the old URL of dberry4captainkate.wordpress.com.

I intend to eventually make this site, along with continuing items about Captain Kate and Lady Katherine, a place where GOOD young adult and middle grade Indie books are reviewed, along with author interviews.  Indie books are self published hard copies and ebooks.  They have saturated the ebook and self-publishing market and have been given a bad rap.  Why?  Because there are no editorial requirements for them, and frankly, so many of them are poorly written.  The only way those of us who decide to go the way of self-publishing will get full respect of the reading public is if we start to police our own.  I give you my word that any books reviewed at this site will have been read by me and considered good enough for a recommendation.  I will not accept money or free copies for a review.

Fair Winds and Following Seas



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