Ahoy Mates.  I been sailin’ the cyber-sea with that sweet lass, Cap’n Kate-One-Eye, Cap’n Will Richer, and some unsavory pyrates of me acquaintance, lookin’ fer a port ta raid.  We come across Port Takai on Facebook Island, and had a parley about goin’ after it.  After all, Lord Guv’nor George Takai’s holdin’s was considerable stronger than all o’ us together, and him bein’ a famous actor an director (whatever thet is).  Will said aye ta the raid, and so did I without hesitatin’.  Kate, she be a bit cautious abou’ it, but finally she come around with a resounding aye, herself.

We hit her fast and hard.  Our cannons belched (oops, thet was me).  They boomed an’ their balls flew fast an’ furious, smashin’ an maimin’, an causin’ all kindsa commotion.  Lord Guv’nor Takai answered us back but we had surprise on our side, an he couldn’t rally his troops fast enough.  Lord all mighty, we took Port Takai an Kate, she didn’t even get her lovely, long, red hair mussed a bit.

When it come ta sortin’ out the booty, I had only one thing in mind, those sweet little words ye see up top.  Ye might find it hard ta believe, but I love beautiful words, an they had the sweetest sound I ever did hear.  I wanted a parley with Lord Guv’nor Takai, to find out where he got those words, but someone said he done flew off ta Hollywood, (wherever thet is) so I guess I’ll jest have ta give him credit fer ‘em.

To Err is Human, To Arr is Pirate.

Arr, how sweet it is.

Fair Winds, Mates

Cap’n Big Al


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