Many people say or think writing is hard.  Not true.  Most people can write.  All a writer needs is a limited number of words on his pallet in order to paint a simple word picture.  Writing well, however, is a bit harder.  In order to write well, one generally needs a larger pallet and a greater ability to piece the words together.

If the writer desires to paint a word picture that rises above the mundane, however, he must then edit it.  Editing is the process where the writer once again looks at his word picture.  Then, with a tear in his eye, finds that he must excise these fantastic words, then those beautiful phrases, all of which he labored over so long and carefully.  He must edit again . . . and again, finding misplaced or misspelled words, commas, quotation marks, etc.  This process takes considerably more time than merely placing the words in the first place.  This is where writing becomes real work.

If the writer’s masterpiece is a novel or non-fiction book that he wants to have published, his work is still not over.  He must then write an amazing query letter that will dazzle an agent.  And, of course, edit it, then edit it again, and again, etc.

The last step?  The process of querying an agent, and then another, and another begins.  This part of the writing process is probably emotionally the hardest.  It’s much akin to standing on a street corner holding a cardboard sign.  WILL WRITE FOR FOOD.

Well, that isn’t exactly the last step if he actually convinces an agent to represent him.  At least he’s handed it all off to someone else, right?  True, the agent takes over searching for a publisher for his masterpiece, but if he’s lucky enough to get it published, along come the interviews and public appearances, etc.

Okay, writing can be hard.  I think I’ll take a nap now.


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