The Story Begins

On this page, I’ll be writing a back-story about a Y/A novel that I’ve written, and am in the final stages of editing.  The novel is currently titled Captain Kate.  That could change before publishing, but I hope to keep it.  It’s an adventure story written in the time period of 1680 and takes place in various real and fictional locations in the Caribbean.  The primary characters are all fictional.  It’s a story about 16-year-old Kate (Lady Katherine Cotswold) and the extremes that she and her friends are forced into after a pirate attack on the lovely (Fictional) town of Port Saint James where they live.

While, as I stated before, this is a back-story into the lives of the novel’s characters, anything that happened during that time or any other period of piracy in the Caribbean (or piracy in general) is fair game for discussion.  I hope to get your feedback, whether positive, negative, or neutral.

The story starts out:

A gull squawked as it circled above in protest to our intrusion into its feeding grounds, a bright white contrast to a cloudless blue sky.

I felt the tension building among my crew as I paced back and forth near the helm.  Sweat stained the underarms of my green silk blouse.

Then it happened.

“Captain Kate!” thirteen-year-old Prudence called from her perch in the crow’s nest.  Pirate ship to starboard, coming fast!  Looks like the Vulture!


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